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Iridium Pilot

TS2 Space - Global Satellite Services

Iridium Pilot

The satellite broadband terminal for satellite internet everywhere on the planet

The satellite broadband terminal providing planet-wide internet coverage. Offering up to 134kbps data services via the Iridium OpenPort Broadband System, Iridium Pilot allows for fast internet access and near instantaneous email connection. Iridium Pilot is priced flexibly to accommodate the budgets of both large and small ships.

Talk More
The system allows for up to three simultaneous voice calls, even while otherwise using data, through three FJ11 Jacks on the Iridium OpenPort below-decks unit. No more waiting for a free line! Phones can be placed in separate cabins in a recreational vessel. On a commercial ship, call-time accounting is made simple through easy separation of crew and business calls. Voice plans are affordable and easily added on top of data.

Access Data Faster
Iridium Pilot is based on true IP technology. This enables a dynamic and powerful set of data services. The system includes a single Ethernet port, which can be connected to directly to a PC or to a router/hub. A range of data rates can be configured as per the user’s specific needs. The system was designed to allow for simultaneous functions, as such, both data and phone ports allow high-volume usage. By pricing per-megabyte in stead of per-minute, Iridium OpenPort’s simple service plans save you money.


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