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TS2 SPACE Warns of Fraudulent Satellite Offers

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Warns of Fraudulent Satellite Offers

We are aware that fraudulent satellite phone and Internet offers are being transmitted via Internet by people claiming to be employees or representatives of TS2.

The scam goes like this – a woman usually receives information in email that can be online with husband or family in Iraq or Afghanistan via satellite connection. All she needs to do is only pay some amount for private persons in Canada, U.S., Nigeria, mostly via Western Union or credit card.

Stop right there!

Please be advised that these communications are FRAUDULENT and are NOT sent from anyone within or affiliated with TS2. These messages are a scam and should be treated as such. We use only company bank accounts and email addresses from domains and

If you receive such a message, you are advised to contact your local law enforcement agency and provide any details you may have. You also may forward the messages to TS2.